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Eleven plus (11+) tuition and mock exams by Kate Marke, a full time 11+ tutor and experienced primary school teacher.
Children who receive tuition for nine months or more improve their scores at 11+ by up to 40% so the earlier you start the better.
Many children start tuition in Year 4 to get a head start and we strongly recommend that tuition is started no later than the beginning of Year 5

 11+ Mock Exams
With effect from September 2017, the selective schools in Torbay intend to change the testing arrangements for the 11+. The tests will be on one Saturday only and consist of three exams: two CEM papers and an English writing paper.

We are running fifteen mock exam mornings which will reflect the model that the Torbay Selective Schools have chosen to adopt:

CEM Paper 1 (50 minutes including instructions)

15 minute break with drink and snack

CEM Paper 2 (50 minutes including instructions)

15 minute break with drink and snack

Writing Paper (30 minutes approx).

We strive to make our mocks as close to the real Torbay 11+ as possible. We now have two years' feedback from students sitting CEM tests in Torbay along with reports from other parts of the country where CEM has been in use for longer, so we have good knowledge now of their content, structure and difficulty.

Mocks provide invaluable exam preparation: children experience an exam environment and learn to deal with time management. The earlier exams highlight areas where further study is required and the later exams help prevent children "slipping back" during the long summer holidays.

Each Saturday session will last approximately 2 hours 30 minutes. Results, return of papers and feedback, including worked answers and suggestions for further work will follow each mock exam. The cost per mock is £30.

It's up to you how many mocks your child sits, but experience shows from marks achieved, that those who only sat on or two were not as well prepared as those who sat at least five. They really can make a difference to success in the actual 11+
As one happy parent said recently:
"I am pleased to be able to let you know that he got three Yes's on his results and so will go to the Boys Grammar as we hoped. Needless to say we are all delighted. The mock tests he did with you this summer were a great help and a key part of his preparations so we would all like to say thank you very much for your help and advice".
What makes our 11+ Mock Exams special?
  • We have specifically tailored our mocks to mirror the tests set by the Torbay Grammar Schools. 
  • We produce a results and feedback report which will usually be available within 1-3 days.
  • We strive to provide the best mock papers available.

Our mock exams are held on Saturday mornings in Torquay.
If you prefer you can also book by contacting Kate. E-mail or phone 01803 501411.

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